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Clean 'til Christmas - Week 1

So, here's the thing.

This week was a learning experience.

And, by "a learning experience," I mean...

It was thuper duper rough.

Let's dig deeper, shall we?

3 Things I learned during Week 1 of Clean 'til Christmas:

  1. If you are planning on going to the Renaissance Festival, MAKE THAT YOUR CHEAT MEAL. I don't care HOW much self-control you have: when you're faced with deep-fried turkey legs, funnel cakes, snow cones, and every other pseudo-"Renaissance"-esque food on the market... You. Will. Eat. It. And that's not just because ladies with giant boobs and corsets are practically forcing them down your throat (although, for some of you, that might actually be true).
  2. Make your cheat meal an actual MEAL. I learned this one as I learn most things: the hard way. Saturday morning, when I woke up, the sun was shining a little brighter. Birds were chirping. Bells were ringing. I'm pretty sure some singing mice made me a dress for the ball. The point I'm making is, I woke up and realized IT'S CHEAT DAY! AYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYY! Saturday night was gleaming with possibility. I had eaten clean for a week, and I was READY to dig my teeth into some nasty-nast foodie-foods. However, instead of having a "cheat dinner" as planned... I ate 4 s'mores and almost an entire bag of peanut butter Chex Mix. Yeah, it's something I'm not proud of, but hey. Because my cheat meal turned into a cheat-smorgasbord, I ended up consuming WAY more sugar than a human should in one evening. This led to a horrifying display of sugar-energy, quickly followed by a living-room-floor-sugar-crash (ask the family, it was grotesque). YIKES. Next time? Less sugar, more crap-food (sounds weird on a health blog, right?).
  3. When you share a kitchen and cooking responsibilities with others, your options will often be: A) Compromise and eat it without complaining, or B) Make your own food without being rude. This week, I did a fair share of both. Look, this is life - we don't live in a vacuum. Sometimes your sweet brother is going to cook you a meal, and you're going to eat it. Why? Why are you going to eat it? Well firstly, because it's delicious and it's not a TRUE cheat meal (sure, the fish contained a little sugar and preservatives. But in this instance, I'd rather have a helping, eat with my family, and enjoy myself than pitch a fit and turn them down). Use your judgment - if it's the option between eating it and starving, you might want to consider eating it (unless it's deep-fried Oreos. If you value your life, stay FAR away from that business).

The most important thing to remember about this journey is, you are allowed to make mistakes.

You are encouraged, even.

As long as you're learning, not a day is wasted.


After your first week of eating clean, make a list of goals for your second week (these can be any type of goals!). Here's mine:

  1. Allow myself a square or two of dark chocolate each day (dark meaning at least 80% cacao). - See how I start with something positive?
  2. Try to control myself with the tortilla chips (I'm not kidding, they are my weakness. And, yes, they're "clean," but they're also empty carbs). No more than one serving per day!
  3. Try to focus on protein and healthy fats for dinner (less carbs for dinner). Ideas: turkey burger with avocado, chicken spinach salad with olive oil, Greek yogurt sprinkled with chia seeds and nuts.
  4. Become more aware of snacking - allow a small snack if hungry between meals, but only if hungry! (Not bored or emotional...)

I'd love to hear how this journey is going for you, if you've taken the leap along with me! Recipes? Favorite snacks? Thoughts, struggles, joys?

Let's hear 'em!

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