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The Wonders of Interval Training

Oh man, interval training. I write of it with fondness. Also, with soreness.

My treadmill runs used to look something like this:

  • 30 minutes at 6 miles per hour

...and that's it.

I used to get bored SO easily, and my 30-minute runs felt like they lasted hours. All I could think about was how the sweat was running into my eyes, and how my lungs felt like they were exploding, and how my legs felt like they were giving out.

But then I read a blog post (this one, to be specific) about interval training, and my cardio routines will never be the same.

So after much research and testing (a.k.a. after running on the treadmill a lot), here is my famous (someday) 20-minute Interval Treadmill Workout:
  • mins 1-2: 4.5 mph (warm-up)
  • min 3: 6.5 mph
  • min 4: 5 mph
  • min 5: 7 mph
  • min 6: 5.5 mph
  • min 7: 7.5 mph
  • min 8: 6 mph
  • min 9: 8 mph
  • min 10: 6 mph
  • aaaaand repeat.

Basically you're starting at a comfortable jogging pace, then moving up 2 miles per hour for a minute, then down 1.5 miles per hour for a minute, then back up 2 miles per hour for a minute, et cetera. That way you're jumping your pace up and down while gradually increasing the intensity.

With interval training, I never get bored because I constantly have to be watching the timer. I can push myself to my maximum output (8 mph) for a minute, then rest at a comfortable pace for another minute. It's great!

Everyone on the treadmills around me are probably thinking, "Who is this bipolar girl?" but whatever. They just don't understand the wonders of interval training.

Time for breakfast!

This week I'm eating these delicious, flavorful, HEALTHY refrigerator oatmeals. They are (how do I put this?) ...perfect in every way. They have to sit in the refrigerator overnight, but they're good for about a week, so you can just prepare them all on Sunday night and BOOM: healthy, quick breakfasts all week.

Stellar, right?

I know. So fetch.

Today's flavor? Cherry Chocolate Chunk. Are you drooling yet?


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